Ohora SemiCured Gel Nail designs Update: 5/25/20

Ohora SemiCured Gel Nail designs Update: 5/25/20

The above 1minute-ish tutorial is also on youtube.

My review

With the quarantine and unquarantined life before, I would be on instagram pretty often. This AD showed up for some gel nail “sticker” type designs. I’ve seen stickers, plastic stick ons, glue ons, press-ons etc. I fell in love with the designs and also fell head over heels for the “freelamp” promo code to get a gel lamp (even thought I have one already at home) Their aesthetic is what I was living for, so I purchased 3 designs to try it.

– Shipping was $15. by DHL it took 1-2weeks

– Ships from S. Korea and is made in Korea

– Packaging is quality

– Comes with instruction pamphlet in different languages plus visuals

What you get:

– alcohol pads

-wood pusher

-30 nail shapes

– mini file, works surprisingly well.


– Took fairly quick maybe 20-30minutes top ( I didn’t time myself)

– My nails are a bit wider, but I made it work.

– the Narrowness makes my nails/fingers look elongated

– I cured it 3x (40seconds or so each)

– It looks great, you can easily can stretch it to fit over your nail

– The only thing I didn’t like was the cuticle edge snagging when I run my hands through my hair (that is the worst and knowing when you need to get your gel mani redo) Only a few fingers were snagging so I put a GEL top coat over the edge and top, to create more shine. I LOVE IT! ( I went and bought enough designs to last me till the end of the year, no more nail salons for me, or maybe just for pedicures)

My rating:

– 5 stars for design/concept

– 5 stars will be continued customer

– 5 stars for quality

– 4 application, if you pull too hard I have ripped 1 of the gel applications

– 3 stars for shipping (international)

– 5 stars for the gel lamp

IG: Ohora_global

Follow me on instagram: imeltformakeup where I post swatches and nail stuff on my stories.

The picture below on the left is without the top coat, on the right is with the top coat.

ohora color: N Switch

Update 05/25/2020 review