Lipland Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

Lipland Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

The very first time I heard of Lipland liquid lipsticks was on Instagram. Amrezy did a collaboration and launched 3 colors with them; Rezy, Montenegro, and Brooklyn (bright coral) late last year. It was the early start of my obsession with liquid lipsticks, and so I ordered Rezy and Montenegro in the search for the perfect long-wear, non-drying, liquid lipstick. Then just few months ago Lipland launched more liquid lipsticks in their permanent line of colors, and then I ordered Aventus and Fifty-Fifty in their 2nd restock. All the new colors were so pretty I wanted them all but took some self-control.  I then was able to attend PhameXpo and got Empire and Temple for only $10! I’ll always jump on a good dealio.

Here are the reviews of of each liquid lipstick with the swatch picture below it.

Lipland Liquid Lipstick Review

  • Reg Price: $18.99 (25% off promo code: Lip25)
  • Made in USA – Gluten Free – Paraben Free- Cruelty Free – SLS & BPA Free – Anti-oxidants Vitamin A, C, and E.
  • Size: 2.5 g/0.1 oz
  • Long Lasting: Semi Long Lasting as it’s not completely transproof. If you own ABH & Ofra it’s like a mix of those two, finish and formula.
  • Non-Drying: Yes
  • Non-Peeling: Yes
  • Color Choices: Couple nice nudie, mauve, and brown shades
  • Non-Staining: Only Montenegro does a bit
  • Scent: No Scent (only Fifty-Fifty has a faint sweet smell like Kylie, but not as potent)
  • Packaging: is almost as long as Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick
  • Applicator: Stiff Doe Foot, they all apply evenly. Just darker shades need a lil more work but not much.
  • Consistency: Mousey Cream
  • Website: Free Shipping over $50
  • Physical Store: none
  • Ships From: Los Angeles (they have their own Labs)
  • Notes: Colors do not get darker, comfortable wear across all the colors I have. All colors have the same wear and are consistent through out.

Lipland Aventus Review: is a nice shade of brown just slightly darker than Empire.

Lipland Empire Review: is darker shade of brown, than Aventus. I think both Aventus and Empire can be in the Kylie’s Dolce K brown family.

Lipland Rezy Review: is a pretty pinky peachy nude.

Lipland Fifty-Fifty Review: a pinkish mauve nude.

Lipland Montenegro Review: need a few layers to get the deepness of the color to pop. It is more bolder in person, and I do get compliments and people asking where I got it. I think a really good close dupe is Stila Chianti and maybe Colourpop Rooch.

Lipland Temple Review: is similar to Fifty-Fifty but 2 1/2 times darker.

If you want to try lipland they are currently offering 25% off off their perm. line of liquid lipsticks with coupon: LIP25

lipland  swatches and reviews
Lipland Swatches
Fudge popsicle swatches of matte liquid lipsticks

Fudge popsicle swatches of matte liquid lipsticks

Fudge popsicles swatches: I ate them left to right, top to bottom. 😋my swatches make me hungry *inspired by Haagen Daz.. walks to freezer*


Jouer: Noisette

Dose of Colors: Chocolate Wasted

Makeup Monsters: Hit the Dirt


Kylie lipkit: Dolce K

Colourpop: Beeper

Colourpop: CHI


Colourpop: KAE

Colourpop: Mess Around

Colourpop: Limbo


Colourpop: Tansy

Lipland: Aventus

Lipland: Empire


Popsicle Stick: Dose of Colors: Sand


The Best Matte Liquid Lipstick

Update 02/09/16 1:53pm pst: Added “Made in”, ” Size” and “website/where to buy” liquid lipsticks

As a professed makeup enthusiast, artist, and wearer I recently jumped on the trend of wearing matte liquid lipsticks. After decades of wearing lipgloss and or lip balm, I have ventured out into the world of long lasting liquid lip color. In the past few months, I have been obsessed with buying and trying all the suited for me colors of these matte “lip gloss” tubes of lipsticks. From sleeping in the lipstick, eating greasy foods, and showering in them, I have come to conclusion with my favorite long lasting liquid lipstick brands.

My top 5 Matte Liquid Lipstick brands:

What makes the perfect lipstick for me:

Long Lasting, Non-Drying, Non-Peeling, Non-staining, Color Choices, Applicator, Consistency

5. Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick: $6

  • Made in USA LA,CA – Cruelty Free
  • Size: Net Weight: 3.2 g /.11 oz
  • Long Lasting: Stays 77% of the time avoid greasy foods and messy food
  • Non-Drying: some are more drying than others, the thinner the liquid the dryer
  • Non-Peeling: makes my lips peel after hours of wearing but does not peel off in patches like ABH for me
  • Color Choices: lots of choices for an affordable price! I love beeper, chilly chili, times square, bianca
  • Stain Lips: Yes, certain colors stain the lips, especially the reds, berry colors and Bianca for me.
  • Applicator: Can be better, takes a little effort to get the edges of the lip, but great for price
  • Consistency: Watery, that when I pull the applicator out it can splatter droplets be careful if you are wearing white. Has no smell.. a tad chemically
  • Website: 
    • 1st order $5 off if you sign up
    • Shipping is $5.00 usd
    • Free shipping with $30 order
    • Ships from Oxnard, CA
  • Physical Store: None
  • Notes: For some reason it makes me lips itch during wear and after taking it off, just spot itchiness like every few hours.

4. Kat Von D (Bow & Arrow) – $21

  • Made in Italy
  • Size: 6.6 ml / .22 fl oz
  • Long Lasting: 78% avoid greasy food and messy food
  • Non-Drying: It’s decent
  • Non-Peeling: Minimal peeling
  • Color Choices: Sephora carries them and they are always out of stock, I just got Bow & Arrow
  • Non-Staining: Yes!
  • Applicator: Good applicator, but the length is too long for good control when applying
  • Consistency: Good not thin, not too thick. Smells a little chemically
  • Website:
  • Physical Store: Most Sephoras carry KatVonD
  • Notes: I feel like this looks nude on everyone, on me it looks darker and got darker as I wore it through out the day.

3. Stila Stay-All-Day Liquid Lipstick – $24

  • Made in Italy
  • Size: .10 oz / 3 ml
  • Long Lasting: Yes! My favorite is Fiery (beautiful blue red) & Caramello (perfect nude)
  • Non-Drying: Doesn’t dry out my lips
  • Non-Peeling: Minimal to no peeling
  • Color Choices: They are coming out with more and more colors, I love the Eternally Yours Limited Holiday Set currently available at $38 for 6 mini lipsticks
  • Non-Staining: Yes!
  • Applicator: Best Applicator
  • Consistency: Thick and pigmented, may take time to dry. Smells like vanilla
  • Website:
  • Physical Store: Some Sephoras, Ulta, Naimie’s in LA
  • Notes: Sephora Collection has the same scent and consistency for $14 but not the same color options, maybe just the always red (fiery) and marvelous mauve (patina) as a dupe.

2. Dose of Colors Ultra Matte Lip  -$18

  • Made in USA – Vegan – Cruelty Free – Gluten Free – Paraben Free
  • Size: Net Weight 0.16oz/ 3.5g
  • Long Lasting: Yes, very pigmented greasy foods.
  • Non-Drying: YES
  • Non-Peeling: YES
  • Color Choices: Not as many as Colourpop but offers a good range of unique colors
  • Non-Staining: YES
  • Applicator: Awesome Applicator, right precision and the packaging
  • Consistency: Medium consistency, smells sweet
  • Website:
  • Physical Store: Naimie’s in LA- they carry the whole line with testers, check for avails
  • Notes: I have Cork and it would get darker through wear, Chocolate wasted is beautiful true brown, I like wearing Dessert Suede as a wash and mix it with Sand.

1. Girlactik Matte Lip Paint -$23 (Bashful Matte Lip Paint)

  • Made in USA
  • Size: 7.5ml/.25oz (Double than what you get with most other brands)
  • Long Lasting: YES, I have eaten, showered, washed my face, and it was still there!
  • Non-Drying: Yes
  • Non-Peeling: Yes with Bashful (with Demure I had minimal peeling after 6+ hours of wear)
  • Color Choices: They need to make more colors so I can buy them all
  • Non-Staining: YES
  • Applicator: Great Applicator
  • Consistency: Medium thickness..dries to a beautiful matte
  • Website:
  • Physical Store: Naimie’s in LA, Fancy Rite Aids in LA, NYC some Walgreens
  • Notes: Wish they made a beautiful blue toned red. This lasted the longest for my lips!

This is the liquid lipstick journey I have started, and I will be trying many many more! Speaking of, I need to go make an order of the Jeffreestar velour liquid lipstick in Celebrity skin…and if possible the Kylie Jenner Lip kit — I want Dolce K~!

Pout Out 🙂


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