Nude Lippies for Spring or when in the Nude  

Nude Lippies for Spring or when in the Nude  

Here are some nudes that doesn’t look like Snookie on my lips, unless that is the look you are going for😋 

My favorite amongst these is Bashful by Girlactik Beauty. The formula, long wear, and overall quality of the liquid lipstick is best for my lips. (Check out my “best liquid lipstick” blog post for a more in depth review) The least favorite in this group is Colourpop Echo Park, it’s a little darker than I anticipated and not a fan of all the Ultra Satin liquid lipstick smell.(Like old oil, and after weeks it smells a little rancid😣) For $6 the Colourpop liquid lippies are worth a try, the color selection doesn’t compare to other brands.(all they need is to come out with a yellow, so I can do a rainbow swatch 😁🌈)

Nude liquid lipstick swatches
dose of colors bare with me swatch,girlactik bashful,lipland rezy swatch,anastasia beverly hills pure hollywood,colourpop echo park swatch,colourpop magic wand swatch

8 thoughts on “Nude Lippies for Spring or when in the Nude  

  1. Beautiful color swatches! I own and absolutely love the cp echo park color!! It is the perfect nude for me and is similar to my own lip color. I am trying to find a dupe in a liquid matte formulation for special occasions, that is comfortable on the lips. From what I can tell in the photo it looks like bashful is the closest. Would you say the girlactik’s bashful is the closest color possible to echo park that you know of? Also, is girlactik transfer-proof? Thank you 🙂

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  2. It is transproof! I love bashful, I first wanted Posh because it looked nude on my tanned friend but bashful fit my fair skin. I really love all girlactik’s matte lip paint formulas for a long day like 8hrs+


  3. ps. Echo park wasn’t so nude on me but Magic Wand was a better nudie for my coloring 🙂 hope this helps. oh and if you are from LA check out girlactik at Naimies, Nigel’s Emporium or some fancy Rite Aid’s carry them 😊👍🏻


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