Jeffree Star Summer Velour Liquid Lipstick Swatches 2017

Jeffree Star Summer Velour Liquid Lipstick Swatches 2017



Forever 21 Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner Set Review & Swatches

Forever 21 Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner Set Review & Swatches

I forget who I watched lip swatching the F21 liquid lipsticks, it was either Shanxo or Dupethat. They are so affordable and it looked nice on one of them, so I bought all the colors available. There was a total of 4 colors online: chestnut, nude, wine, and copper. The color that I tested and review below was chestnut.

Price : $4.90 usd Contents: Liquid Lipstick + Matching Lip Liner
Made in: China
Size: 0.088 pz (2.5g) Liner: 0.024 oz (0.7g)
Consistency: Smooth and pigmented with 1 dip
Long Lasting: It is not transfer-proof and does not dry down
Non-Drying: Doesn’t feel drying as it does not dry down
Non-Peeling: After removing, my lips was slightly peely
Transfer-proof: No , Easy to remove
Color Choices: Only a 4 colors or so
Non-Staining: Does not stain
Scent: Has a slight fragrance and chemically scent. Bothers me that I took it off and did not try the rest of the colors.
Applicator: Usual doe foot applicator
Physical Store: Yes
Ships From: Montebello, CA USA
Packaging: Box Packaging, 2 of the 4 tubes of liquid lipstick when removing the cap the stopper would pop up and I would have to push it back in with twisting the cap down.

Ingredients: (see picture)

Notes: I would not buy these again. My sensitivity to fragrance and with ingredients that dries out my lip I give these a “bye felicia” jk. I give these 2 1/2 out of 5 stars, because of the affordability and conveniency.  Also not a fan of lip liners that smell like pencil.

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Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush Duo Swatches & Blush craze

Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush Duo Swatches & Blush craze

Buon Giorno!

I’ve been on a blush craze, buying many formulas and brands of blushes in the past month. From Colourpop blush duos, Nars liquid blushes, Stila convertible lip and blush palettes. Well the good thing is I’ll test it out on myself and if it works well, 80% of what I buy goes into my professional makeup kit. No animal testing here, just a real-life-human-test-subject.

If you do not know I work in the bridal/ beauty makeup artistry sector. Many clients and because it’s quickly approaching from spring to summer, people are requesting a natural glow. After doing a monochromatic peach eye, lip, and cheeks (E.L.C.) look for one of my brides, per her request, I realized I did not have enough pastel nectar cheek colors. Instead, I used what I had, a pretty Colourpop eyeshadow on her cheeks (Colourpop Pressed Shadow “Wait For It”, their website picture does not represent how bright and coral-ly it actually is IRL, click for my swatch), it really complimented her NC15 skin. After that, I went on a binge buy of blushes and came across Colourpop’s blush duo in “Done Deal” & “The Knockout”. The knockout was a bit deeper than I like on my skin and not bright enough, as you can see in the swatches above. So the search continues (my nars order is on it’s way, and stila I need to test), stay in touch for more blush swatches or follow me on instagram: imeltformakeup, I update much more often there than here.

Ciao bellas.

PS. (Master of None 2 has got me speaking Italian..not really 🙂



Mannymua x Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collab Swatches of • I’m Shook • Daddy•

Mannymua x Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collab Swatches of • I’m Shook • Daddy•

Jeffreestar Cosmetics : I’m Shook, Daddy, Weirdo, and Mannequin. Inspired by a “Red Moon Eclipse”
My Collection of Jouer Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick Swatches 

My Collection of Jouer Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick Swatches 

Ma collection de Jouer Lip Creams & Toppers đź’‹đź’„

1 Creme Brulee

2 Dulce De Leche

3 Lychee

4 Filigree *M

5 Petale De Rose

6 Buff

7 Terra

8 Rayanne

9 Melon

10 Winter Rose

11 Blush

12 Dahlia *M

13 Cranberry *M

14 Snapdragon *M

15 Mure

16 Tawny Rose

17 Noisette

18 Guava *M

19 Clove *M

20 Bronze Rose *M

21 Cayenne *M

22 Brique

23 Fraise Bonbon

24 Tan Lines *T

25 Rose Gold *T

26 Skinny Dip *T

27 Rose Gold

28 Rosè *M

29 Penny *M

*Metallic *Lip Topper

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Limited Edition Mini Set Review & Restock

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Limited Edition Mini Set Review & Restock

It has been a while since I wrote a review in this little melty blog of mine. This post is a mini review on the recent (supposedly) limited edition Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Mini set. When it was first released I tried to check out on the website for about half an hour till it was sold out, I was then able to get it the 2nd restock. I am unsure of a 3rd restock on this so-called “limited” edition (that word means like nothing anymore lol, why you always lying? ) but by reading comments a lot of people are requesting for the Valentine’s Day collection to be back. Even Kylie tweeted asking if anyone wants High Maintenance back as a permanent lip kit and guess what? She announced on her cosmetics instagram that “Apricot” and “Head over Heels” will be back this tomorrow Friday 3pm pst Feb 24 in the lipkit size.

Back to the quick review on this cute mini set. I think since I have tried both colourpop and kylie’s minis I prefer the fun sized ones over the regular. You get more colors for your money and who is going to finish a liquid lipstick tube anyways, not I. Also, for some reason the consistency is a little different and actually better in my opinion. This Vday set comes with 6 colors and 3 of them are new liquid lipsticks: High maintenance, Apricot, and Head over heels. I am not  fond of Posie K it comes off a bit drying and patchy on me. The rest of the colors are nice and “Head over heels” is my favorite berry color from her line. I have yet to try Mary Jo, but Apricot is a little light for my taste and Maliboo I already have. High maintenance is neutral pink that I usually do not wear these days. So if you are interested in the restock be sure to be prepared with your credit card info in hand, a fast internet connection, and lighting fast computer/smart phone skills and head over to at 3pm pst 2/24. Best of luck to ya!