New Colourpop Satin Lips are LIVE!

New Colourpop Satin Lips are LIVE!

Again, just like when the Kaepop launched, I had dreamt I woke up to make my purchase..or maybe I was half asleep checking the site in reality. It was hard to tell. This time I didn’t put an alarm on because on a usual day I get up to check my phone at 5am. So I got on the site and the Satin lip items were posted, without planning which lippies I was going to order I quickly made my planned-impulsive buy (ordered: Tansy, Echo Park, Dopey, Frick N’ Frack, and Magic Wand+ Platform & 3 other eye shadows.) just so I can make sure things are in stock and that I can get my order shipped to me fast! After that I went back on the website to look at product details closely as well as the pictures, yes I did it backward 🙂

This time I wish I would’ve seen or knew they offered was a lippie primer (was mentioned in the Satin lips product info)! It is made with avocado, mango, shea butter and vitamin E for only $5 compared to my Urban Decay Ozone pencil which is $20! Colourpop claims it helps with filling the lips with microbeads to smooth and plump the lips. It supposedly helps with feathering, keeps color long lasting, moisturizing and makes the intensity of the color the same or more intensified. Nice claims and for $5 it’s a steal, supposedly it works for all lip products, that would include lippie stix, satin lips and matte lipsticks. Well I guess till next time …I linked the product below. Happy Shopping! (Updated at 4:20pm pst)

3 thoughts on “New Colourpop Satin Lips are LIVE!

  1. I was planning on buying petit four but can’t find any information if it is vegan or not and they don’t have the ingredients for that shade on the website, do you know if it is vegan.


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