Ofra Cosmetics Beverly Hills Highlighter Swatches & Review

Ofra Cosmetics Beverly Hills Highlighter Swatches & Review


This highlighter has been popping up all over Instagram and snapchat for the past few weeks. I first saw swatches on Ofra’s snapchat (ofracosmetics). They swatched so beautifully bright and pigmented. Then I saw it on Nikkie tutorial’s snapchat and then some other instagrammer’s video posts on the explore page. I buy too much makeup especially liquid lipsticks and when it comes to makeup for my kit ( always looking for the latest and the greatest cosmetics and tools) so I tried to forgetta about it.. Then one lovely morning  I got a notification of Ofra hosting a Persicope giveaway to win the Beverly Hills Highlighter..so I thought I’d give it a try, thinking I had a good chance because they were giving away 3. I typed too slow, and there were hyper huge fans of Ofra who type as fast as the speed of light and knew all the questions. So being the “poor” loser (pun intended) and makeup junkie I am, I went right to their website after their scope and bought the little b. hills highlighter.

Purchasing from Ofra is always easy and shipping time is always decent. Just not a fan of shipping and handling of course, but their 30% coupons from influencers always makes that shipping cost pain-in-the-wallet-could-of-bought-other-makeup-thinking a little easier to bare.

There are a total of 5 highlighters that work for a range of different skin tones. (see below for video swatch)

  1. Golden bronze highlighter: I would use this on deeper skin tones or as a eye shadow
  2. Champagne highlighter: this one is pretty for my skin tone
  3. Rose gold highlighter: also pretty for my skin tone
  4. White highlighter: will make your skin look like an ice queen
  5. Peachy pink highlighter: doesn’t really highlight, seems like a matte eye shadow with sparkles and not as pigmented as the others.


Price: $39.95 (coupon: MannyMua save 30%)
Made in USA
size: 10g
Pigmentation: Good pigmentation but swirling it with my brush gets the whole pan super powdery.
Highlight intensity: 8.5/10
Long-wear: Having a good base to stick it on is good, it is easily wiped off when I wanted to tone it down.
Website: http://www.ofracosmetics.com
Packaging: Normal design, lightweight
Ships from: Florida, USA (s&h $4.95)
Notes: Ofra showed that you can swirl them all together for a nice color, but when I do that lots of fall out from using my morphe brush M510. I think the pigment is not packed in the pan tight enough. I dropped it on the floor and it did crack off some of the color (see picture below). I wouldn’t repurchase because I could buy the Anatasia Beverly Hills glow kit for close to the same price but with bigger pans of product. Ofra packaging seems pretty filmsy, and I am not a fan of the logo design.


Ofra Beverly Hills Highlighter taken from my snapchat meltformakeup.

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