What is the Best Beauty Blender Soap?

What is the Best Beauty Blender Soap?

When I first heard of the beautyblender a couple years ago I was a skeptic, but now I am blendliever! They just blend foundation on the skin so flawlessly and applying setting powder to the undereye is a dream. I have a few (like 4 of themin  black and pink) blenders for myself and a couple (pink, purple, & tiny neon green) in my makeup kit. Sometimes these stinking things are easy to clean and sometimes it takes almost 5 washes to get the stubborn foundations out. Recently I watched celebrity makeup artist/entrepreneur Priscilla Ono snap the way she cleans her bbs. It was really helpful! She would soaked her bbs in hot water with the beautyblender liquid soap for 15 minutes or so, then wash it. If the stains are hard to get out I think leaving it in the hot soap water for more than 15 minutes or overnight might make it easier to clean. I have only tried 10 minutes and then washing it with my bar soap (GoodSoap from wholefoods) It takes time to  wash/rinse out and I usually do at least 3-5 rinses, soaping it up and then ringing it out. The pink beauty blenders still releases the pink dye after many times of usage. The purple has much less color bleed out when washing. Their Bb solid cleanser (solid round soap, I got a mini sample size) works well too but I used it up and don’t want to spend $16 on a soap. 

Below is comparison done by Buzzfeed, they also have a video which I will link here 

What do you use to wash your beauty blenders?

Best beauty blender cleanser soap
The picture with 2 items is Diswasher + Olive Oil mixed. Picture screen shot from Buzzfeed video

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