My Collection of Jouer Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick Swatches 

My Collection of Jouer Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick Swatches 

Ma collection de Jouer Lip Creams & Toppers 💋💄

1 Creme Brulee

2 Dulce De Leche

3 Lychee

4 Filigree *M

5 Petale De Rose

6 Buff

7 Terra

8 Rayanne

9 Melon

10 Winter Rose

11 Blush

12 Dahlia *M

13 Cranberry *M

14 Snapdragon *M

15 Mure

16 Tawny Rose

17 Noisette

18 Guava *M

19 Clove *M

20 Bronze Rose *M

21 Cayenne *M

22 Brique

23 Fraise Bonbon

24 Tan Lines *T

25 Rose Gold *T

26 Skinny Dip *T

27 Rose Gold

28 Rosè *M

29 Penny *M

*Metallic *Lip Topper

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Limited Edition Mini Set Review & Restock

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Limited Edition Mini Set Review & Restock

It has been a while since I wrote a review in this little melty blog of mine. This post is a mini review on the recent (supposedly) limited edition Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Mini set. When it was first released I tried to check out on the website for about half an hour till it was sold out, I was then able to get it the 2nd restock. I am unsure of a 3rd restock on this so-called “limited” edition (that word means like nothing anymore lol, why you always lying? ) but by reading comments a lot of people are requesting for the Valentine’s Day collection to be back. Even Kylie tweeted asking if anyone wants High Maintenance back as a permanent lip kit and guess what? She announced on her cosmetics instagram that “Apricot” and “Head over Heels” will be back this tomorrow Friday 3pm pst Feb 24 in the lipkit size.

Back to the quick review on this cute mini set. I think since I have tried both colourpop and kylie’s minis I prefer the fun sized ones over the regular. You get more colors for your money and who is going to finish a liquid lipstick tube anyways, not I. Also, for some reason the consistency is a little different and actually better in my opinion. This Vday set comes with 6 colors and 3 of them are new liquid lipsticks: High maintenance, Apricot, and Head over heels. I am not  fond of Posie K it comes off a bit drying and patchy on me. The rest of the colors are nice and “Head over heels” is my favorite berry color from her line. I have yet to try Mary Jo, but Apricot is a little light for my taste and Maliboo I already have. High maintenance is neutral pink that I usually do not wear these days. So if you are interested in the restock be sure to be prepared with your credit card info in hand, a fast internet connection, and lighting fast computer/smart phone skills and head over to at 3pm pst 2/24. Best of luck to ya!





Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Swatches on fair skin

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Swatches on fair skin

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Palette swatches on NC15 – N20 Skin

Available for $42 at Sephora, Ulta, and Anastasia Beverly Hills website.

Save 4% cashback for shopping at Sephora here.

Save 3% cashback for shopping at Ulta here.



Jouer Holiday Trio Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick Set Swatches

Jouer Holiday Trio Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick Set Swatches

Jouer kindly sent me the Holiday Trio set me.I really love the cranberry lip creme as it is a beautiful cool tone vibrant slightly metallic red. Winter Rose is pretty pinky nude and Clove is a metallic deep bronze are also pretty. Jouer lip cremes wear very light weight on the lips with good pigment. From all the liquid lipstick brands, Jouer is one of the brands whose liquid lipstick formula is consistent through out all the colors. I also love the scent on them, as I love sweet smelling cosmetics. When applied and the cotton candy scent dissipates when dried. If you are new to liquid lipsticks and I don’t like drying ones, try Jouer. Their lip cremes are $18 each @


Colourpop Cosmetics Brand Review, Buying Experience, and Products

Colourpop Cosmetics Brand Review, Buying Experience, and Products

Here is a my experience with Colourpop Cosmetics for those who are curious and are thinking of buying their cosmetics.

Brand Experience:

Colourpop is an LA born Indie makeup brand situated in Oxnard, California USA started in 2014.

About a year ago was when I first heard about Colourpop from a friend, I think she was telling me about their lippie stix and how they were only $5 and liquid lipsticks at only $6. At the time I was starting my obsession addiction with liquid lipsticks, and I loved how colors looked on their instagram so I started to buy their products almost monthly to try. As a brand, they are very on top of their social media game, always posting product releases, sales, and user created reposts. Their social media specialists Sharon and Jordynn are always so lovable on Snapchat, I enjoy watching their live swatches and their friendship on snaps. I hope they stay with Colourpop forever 🙂 and of course they make me wanna buy all their newest products. #makeupaddict

With the popularity of social media these days, we get a glimpse of the people behind the brand and you decide if you want to support them or not, and Colourpop is on the top of my list for affordability, likability, and product satisfaction. Another great thing is that they swatch products including all skin tones to make sure no one is left out. Since they do not have a physical store, online swatches is how we can best decide if the color and formulation is for us or for gifts.

Customer Service Experience:

When I first started to buy from them shipping would take a while, longer than the stated 3-5 business days. I have had 2 order mishaps out of at least 10 orders. One order was mis-shipped as I never received it, and tracking never updated so they sent out a replacement in a week or so. On another order, they sent the wrong color blush and took a bout a week for replacement after 1-2 email reminders. They do ask you to take pictures of the errors to send in to them. If you don’t get a response or resolution, email them again till they respond, each customer service rep. responding may be different each time though. Since then, which was about 3 months + ago I haven’t had any order issues or shipping lag times everything has been reasonable or faster than expected.

Social Media:

If you love Colourpop follow them for their latests product releases and swatches on their social media channels. Their snapchat is my favorite to follow, because you get to see behind the scenes, live swatches, and sometimes Q&A sessions.

  • (colour not color :))
  • Snapchat: ColourpopCo
  • Facebook: Colourpop


Online Website (they do not have a physical store to purchase products):

Their website is using shopify for their shopping cart, and you may notice similarities with many other websites (e.g. its quite easy to check out with. I always prefer to use paypal for a more secure payment option.


Buying Experience:

For the year that I have been buying their products the website is fairly easy to browse products, the bugs and glitches have been all fixed since their last major website update with improvements. Paypal is a offered as a payment option.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Made in USA
  1. Liquid Lipsticks both Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin formulations
  2. Blush
  3. Eye Shadows
  4. Lip Glosses
  5. Lippie Stix
  6. Highlighters

My favorite Colourpop products are in order from 1 being the best and 5 to the least favorite. Their liquid lipsticks are definitely color popping, the pigmentation is always on point. For the price you pay you are getting a cruelty-free, vegan*, and 3.2 g / 0.11 oz of liquid lipstick for only $6. It’s so affordable I want to collect all their colors. Their formulation vary between colors and for me some may crumble and bleed even with lip liner. I prefer their Ultra matte bold/deep colors and for nude colors I favor the Ultra Satin formula.

Their blushes are long-wearing but these days I am lazy to open their blushes. Unscrew the airtight caps and dipping my fingers into the blush. Using my fingers I find is the best way to apply their blushes for me.

Eye shadows, are fun and different but some colors need to be packed on for it to show up on my lids. Over packing can create a layer that would crumble. Same with the blush I find applying with my fingers the best.

The Ultra glossy lip glosses are ok for me. They vary from super sheer and creamy pigment. For me I find that after wearing the lipgloss it makes my lips peel after a day of wear and taking it off at night.

Lippie stix are popular amongst most, but I love liquid lipsticks personally.

I only have 1 highlighter, and I’ve only used it a few times as it doesn’t give me the HIGH enough light I like.

*Not all products stated vegan

Product Releases/Promotions:

Because Colourpop has their own lab, they are pushing out new products almost weekly and if there are no new releases, they are running promos. So if you missed a sale one week they may have another in a few weeks. Only sad thing their special collaborations are for a limited time, as I get major FOMD “Fear of makeup discontinued”.

On average they launch new products on Thursdays at 10am PST.


  • Sign up with new email account to receive a $5 off coupon code through email.


  • They started shipping Internationally and I believe shipping starts at $15. spend over $50 for free International shipping
  • Domestic USA shipping: $5.00 , Free Shipping after spending $30


For Colourpop swatches follow me on instagram: imeltformakeup or search my blog for reviews and swatches.