Beauty Bakerie Swatches & Reviews

Beauty Bakerie Swatches & Reviews

So many brands to try and so little money… I purchased these beauty bakerie lip whips which are their liquid lipsticks, a while ago and as you know I always hear of new liquid lipstick brands from the evil money eater “Instagram”. Their cute brand revolving around a bakery appealed to me. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to branding, logos, and packaging (graphic design major here & current makeup artist) because I feel if they did not spend enough time and money on their branding then would they use quality ingredients in their products. Before deciding to drop the dough ($20 a tube), I did my swatch research on instagram and watched reviews on youtube. Many youtubers, rub their fingers on their lips and nothing comes off. On instagram they have video of running the lip whips under water and rubbing it again. The staying power looked crazy, and I wanted to try.

Beauty Bakerie Fortune Cookie: I love this beige nude color, I’ve gotten 1 compliment for this color. Easy to apply with 1 application

Beauty Bakerie Cranberry Stiletto: Wore this out at night, had drinks and food and stayed put. A nice deep red needs work to apply evenly about 2 coats.

Beauty Bakerie Raspberry Tiramisu: Deep berry wine color, need to apply 2-3 coats to get it even with no streaks. The thicker the more heavy feeling, and lips crinkle after eating and talking.

Beauty Bakerie Versailles: Mauve Pink nude color. Applies evenly with 1 application.

  • Price: $20 usd
  • Made in USA – Cruelty Free
  • Size: 12m
  • Long Lasting: Super long lasting, as it feels like nail polish for the lips
  • Non-Drying: Feels like I have something on my lips
  • Non-Peeling: No peeling except for Raspberry Tiramisu lipwhip: After eating and talking you smile it can separate a little between the lines for the darker colors and peel in the inner parts of the mouth.
  • Color Choices: They have some fun colors and nice nudes
  • Non-Staining: Doesn’t stain, takes some time to remove. Only raspberry tiramisu stains a little.
  • Scent: There is no scent
  • Applicator:  Regular doe-foot
  • Consistency: Liquidy kinda like milk
  • Website:
  • Physical Store: They have locations on their website but not in the USA
  • Ships From: San Diego, CA USA
  • Packaging: Cute packaging love the design. The lip whips came in a nice cardboard box with their branding (I use the box to put liquid lipsticks in) and a cute little popsicle card.
  • Notes:  It’s probably the most uncomfortable liquid lipstick from my collection, especially with the darker colors. Applying a lipbalm, primer, and liner all over the lip before helps. It dries completely but when you put your lips together it has a slight tackiness. As you can see in the swatch pictures it also has as slight sheen. My favorite colors are Fortune Cookie and Raspberry Tiramisu. There is nothing like this formula that I own. (list of liquid lipsticks coming soon)

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