Kylie Cosmetics Collection Swatches, Video, & Review Summary

Kylie Cosmetics Collection Swatches, Video, & Review Summary


My  entire collection of swatches. Dolce K was the very first lipkit I got this year, then the metals (3), Exposed, and then finally Leo along with Lord. I was disappointed with Dolce K as it crumbles and cracks within minutes on my lips, that I never worn it out for the day, only at home. The metal matte liquid lipsticks are comfy on the lips but not transfer-proof, it seems the darker the metal the better in pigment. Lighter Kylie metal liquid lipsticks are harder to get an even application as well as washes me out. Since they do not dry down, it can be used as a highlight or mixed with another matte or metal color. With Leo and Exposed, I like the formula and it wasn’t like Dolce K. They were a bit runny and watery in formula, but comfortable on the lips. Leo wears nicely on my lips without lip liner. Exposed I can do with or without a liner. I wonder if and when Kylie will open a store front in Los Angeles, CA soon – where I live. 🙂

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