Fun Grapeswatch of Colourpop liquid lipsticks

I decided to swatch up some colors from Colourpop that look purple-ish on me, of course except Dr. M.

Colourpop Bedazzled Ultra Matte Lip: is a deep plum purple. It dries fairly quickly.

Colourpop So Wavy Ultra Satin Lip: I thought this was more of a blue when looking on colourpop’s website, it does sometimes look blue in different lighting and on some people I see it looks blue blue. I wanted to get this one because Jellies is a bit drying and flaky, and I wanted a nice royal blue.

Colourpop Privacy Please Ultra Matte lip: This color on me looks like a purplely deep pink. It stains the lips hot pink..

Colourpop Molly Ultra Satin Lip: This one is very similar to Privacy Please but in a Satin form. Only difference is the satin liquid lipsticks do wear very comfortable and also stains the lips.

Colourpop Cheap Thrills Ultra Matte: Has a purple undertone mauvey color. Doesn’t do anything for my complexion. I will try to wear this out one day. 🙂

For more of some fun swatches follow me on instagram: imeltformakeup

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