Jouer Cosmetics Long-wear Creme Liquid Lipstick swatches

Jouer Cosmetics Long-wear Creme Liquid Lipstick swatches

By the time I try all liquid lipstick brands out there I’ll be bankrupted sleeping in a shopping cart full of lipsticks. 😅

Continuing my obession, these are the newest additions to my hoard-llection. I noticed this brand on instagram and I love their branding. It looks expensive and made of quality. On their website jouercosmetics, most of all their liquid lipsticks are sold out. I was able to find some colors available on

These liquid lipsticks feel almost like nothing on my lips, dries to a nice matte finish, and smells like freshly baked cupcakes with frosting on top! The colors I chose were all in the cool pink tones, I think it would be perfect for my bridal makeup kit.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! 🌹

Jouer Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Swatches
Center > Dulce de leche, Outter Center > Lychee (slightly lighter than PÄ“tale de rose) Outside > PÄ“tale de rose, Colourpop – Dr. M