Affordable & Available Kylie Leo Liquid Lipstick DUPES

Affordable & Available Kylie Leo Liquid Lipstick DUPES

I know, almost all my recent posts are bout Kylie, Kylie, Kylie – I apologize.

On Instagram I read many people were not able to order the Kylie limited birthday edition Leo liquid lipstick, because it sold out already or simply was on stuck on a “frozen” page. I couldn’t “letitgooo” so I tried the second restock and got regular sized Leo instead of the mini matte set that sold out in a split second (60 seconds, I lied). After I was able to acquire Leo in my haa-ands, I went and ordered some colourpop colors I felt looked similar  for $6 each–and as rumor or fact has it that Kylie and Colourpop are made from the same manufacturer. Some colors I will discuss are almost an exact dupe. So I tried about 10 colors from my collection that look like similar to Leo, but some when swatched were either too purple or too red so I left those out for the dupe comparisons. Below are the best dupes I could personally find.

Dupe #1: Colourpop LAX is from their Ultra matte liquid lipsticks line. It is slightly deeper than Leo, but if you layer Leo more I think they are an exact match on my non pigmented lips. Both formulas are watery in consistency and have the same doe foot applicator. It is a bit drying and if applied too heavily will crack. Buy it here for $6

Dupe #2: Colourpop Prim is from their Ultra satin liquid lipstick line, that is not trans-proof but matte and comfortable on the lips. I think this is a close dupe for Leo but is more reddish than the deepness of Leo. Also the ultra satin formula does need some maintenance especially since this dark color can get everywhere, making you look like a clown or the joker after eating some yummy tacos. Buy it here for $6

Dupe 4# Anastasia Beverly Hills Heathers liquid lipstick is close in color but a little more subtle color. Formula-wise it is drying but very long wear. Buy it here for $20

Dupe 5# Colourpop Rooch Ultra matte liquid lipstick from their Karrueche Collaboration. This color is beautiful, it has a rusty undertone and not as deep as Leo. This would be the least of the bunch as a dupe. Being one of my favorite colors, it complements my skin tone, whitens my teeth, and really colour popping. The only downfall is after 4-5 hours it does start cracking a little. Some have experienced major cracking immediately. I will continue to wear it and buy a backup, because from all the colourpop colors I own this color I have gotten the most compliments and questions on. 🙂 Get yourself one, fall is just around the corner.

Dupe #6: Colourpop Lax + Colourpop Prim I think a mixture of both colors would help the drying part and the non-transferproofness. Don’t forget to preppare your lips by exfoliating, wear lip balm a half hour before, and use a lip primer. Colourpop offers a cheap $5 lip primer here.

Hope this was helpful and maybe you have these colors already in your collection, so no worrying on FOMO. 😛

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