BeautyCon LA 2017 Experience, what to expect.

BeautyCon LA 2017 Experience, what to expect.

Where: Los Angeles Convention Center

Time: 8/13-8/14  Sat / Sun

Beauty Influencers mentioned to be there: Patrick Star, Nikita Dragon, Chrisspy etc.

Celebs: Zendaya, Chrissy Teigen, Kelly Rowland etc.

A few months I ago I kept seeing facebook Ads and instagram Ads promoting Beautycon, their caption (paraphrased) “We just released more tickets they are going fast, hurry and get your tickets $49.99.” I went to check what the total would be with ticket fees online it came out to be $53 ish. I did a little research on beautycon as it I never been before by checking their facebook page. They didn’t have a lot of engagement on their page posts and following was about 135,000+ page likes. Being a former social media/seo manager, it didn’t seem like they will be “selling out” soon by their likes and comments. So for the next 2 months to the date of the event the same ad showed up saying the same ol’ thing even on Instagram, because of this I procrastinated in potentially buying tickets to go.

A week before the event a friend texted me if I wanted to go to beautycon I have never been so if I found cheaper tickets, I thought why not. I searched on gilt to see if they had tickets, and luckily they did for 50% off ($25 flat) that goes to show you they needed to get rid of tickets. (though the VIP tickets were sold out) I didn’t have much expectation going in. All I thought was I was going to buy makeup like all the other makeup shows being a hoarder of makeup and a makeup artist. It turned out to be a fun way for instagram ops at every booth, freebies in exchange for follows, and meeting the people behind a brand.

Instagram Ops:

They had some cool backdrops created by artists where they had picture perfect lighting and one station even had a fan blowing so you hair looks like it’s flowing in the wind.

Brands had photobooths in their station with their branding. In exchange for follows, you can play a game win freebies, or just get freebies. The best thing I got was a cotton candy! It was a sweet treat (lunch).


Some booths would give you a full size item for follow on instagram or snapchat others had  you play a game to win items. Many brands gave away shopping bags with their brand imprinted.  The LA girl one I got was the most eye catching with it’s metallic pink bag and white logo. My friend got her hair curled at the Sutra booth.

We decided to wait in the Anastasia Beverly Hills booth to play a basketball game and win some makeup. The line was long, it took us 45minutes to get close to the stage space but at that time an employee warned us that the game is about to end but you can get an opportunity to take a picture with Anastasia herself.  As we were nearing the game, they stopped the game, Anastasia went on stage to give out makeup, full sized makeup! not just samples. Then these girls on the other side of the snake line pushed through and broke the divider rope to try to grab items. Wow, these people are aggressive we thought. Great thing is Anastasia was fair and told people who had already got an item to exit out of the crowd, she told them specifically and had the host mention over the speaker, to give others a chance. Some greedy people got a couple of items and did not exit, I didn’t get anything but my friend was able to get a Renaissance palette! because Anastasia saw her electric blue eye makeup and had one of the helpers to hand her the palette! I was ecstatic~ After about 15 minutes being in the sea of hungry seals, they ended the giveaway session and Anastasia continued taking pictures even after 5pm (the closing time). She seems like a lovely lady and I am glad that her company is such a success.

Meet n Greet:

There were tiers of tickets which allowed you to meet some beauty influencers but if you were one of the lucky people who waited in front of the main center stage you would be able to get a picture with Chrissy Teigen after her panel. She was nice enough to stick around to take some pictures. John legend and her Mom was in the audience, it was a little star struck!

So Octoly a influencer program gave us the opportunity to use a credit to meet Chrissy Teigen and the Becca team at there booth, but all they did was give us a number and no directions. I assumed it would be a long line so I didn’t even try to go meet Chrissy Teigen. It was enough see her from afar and hear her words of wisdom 🙂

Overall the experience was fun, I got 5 hours of cardio too. I think I would go back if they had more artist backdrop set ups. The freebie sessions just caused a swarm of people who seem have to be hangry and aggressive a little scary. Oh yeah, and I did go on a Sunday which was the last day, so towards the end of the festival they were tossing makeup (e.g. tubes of lipstick) into the crowds. The last day is usually when they slash prices and giveaway everything especially when they are from out of state exhibiting, they don’t want to ship anything back.

If you decide to go next year here are my tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes (lots of lines, some go quick some are slow)
  • Bring a snack /Water bottle
  • Have on fun makeup and hair
  • Collect the free bags first (It’s like trick or treat you want to have a place to put all the stuff they give you)
  • Go both days if you don’t want to have FOMO
  • I parked away from the convention so I saved $11 ($20 at the convention)
  • Plan your poses for many many photo ops! (this was what I wasn’t ready for, I dressed pretty basic and comfy)
  • Check on other websites for better prices 🙂



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